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Designing a building is one thing. Connecting it to nature is another. Our design philosophy revolves around the concept of "Living with nature" - to knit the outside world with the inside of a building with the landscape being a binding element. We try to design spaces defined by territories not necessarily walls yet each space has its own identity, to enhance the spaciousness which is reduced by building too many walls. Each space to be lit with maximum natural light & Ventilation to avoid artificial lighting during the day. We also specialize in Container Architecture which is a very low-cost alternative to conventional construction. We also specialize in Masterplanning. In addition, we also prepare feasibility study reports to assess the likelihood of a project getting approval from the council saving the client considerable amount of cost and time. We also specialize in Resort Development & Leisure facilities design. We also offer Interior design services for houses, offices and commercial. All of the above by the grace of Allah Taala.

S Arqam A Sabzwari
Alhamdulillah, Arqam has been a marvel to the firms he worked for, both in Pakistan and Ireland after doing Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) from University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. With more than fifteen years of exposure to architecture, he has acquired a unique style and sense of creativity by the grace of Allah Taala. Having worked for Emaar Pakistan and multi-sectoral jobs in both Pakistan & Ireland inclusive of versatilities in project management, master planning, house designs and interior. He also taught in the architecture department of University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar (Abbotabad Campus) as visiting Assistant Professor by the grace of Allah Taala.

S. Aslam Ali Sabzwari
A Civil Engineer by profession with his extra ordinary achievements in the field of Project Management ,Project Implementation, and Scheduling effective timelines has been a gem to the institutions he worked for by the grace of Allah Taala. During his tenure of 38 years of experience and retirement as Chief Engineer from the Department of Public Health Engineering Department, Government of Punjab, his achievements have been acknowledged by several awards like:
1- Awarded “Quaid-e-Azam Gold Medal” on 25th December 2006 by Tehreek Istehqamat-e-Pakistan Council for best performance of the ADB funded Rawalpindi Environmental Improvement Project costing PKR 5.14 Billion for implementing on fast track basis in the light of Asian Development bank’s guidelines.
2- Awarded “Sitara-e-Pakistan Gold Medal” on 23rd March 2008 for implementation of Bulk Water Supply Project for Murree on a fast track basis. The project cost was about PKR 4.26 Million
3- Awarded “Mohterma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Gold Medal” on 14th August 2009 by Tehreek Istehqamat-e-Pakistan Council for best performance as Chief Engineer (North) Public Health Engineering Department Government of Punjab, Lahore.

Mr. Eric Chuah
Consultant Architect
An Architect cum Artisit with 45 years of experience is a valuable asset t by the grace of Allah Taala. He Worked on several Masterplanning & Landscape projects ranging from Residential Developments, Golf course & Resort Developments. He is highly imaginative and delivers at lightning fast speed and also a specialist of Sustainable Building Design Alhmadulillah.

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